Ministry Team Application Form

Thank you for expressing an interest in serving on a ministry team here at New Life Church. Here is information designed to guide you through the application procedure for those wishing to volunteer on or know more about the different ministries.

Criteria for Joining a Ministry

A few things are non-negotiable for anyone interested in joining a ministry:

  • You must first and foremost have a personal relationship with Jesus and be living a consistent lifestyle of a believer with a commitment to growing in your knowledge of Christ.
  • Be water baptized or willing to be baptized at the earliest opportunity possible.
  • You must be a registered member of New Life Church and completed the Growth Track.
  • You must be in agreement with the Vision & Values, Teaching & Doctrine held by New Life Church
  • You should possess the desire to be a blessing through service and recognize this ministry as a privileged opportunity to serve God.
  • You are required to attend scheduled gatherings for all members of ministry.

Getting Started

The Application process is carried out in three stages:

  1. Fill in an application form & send it in along with your references.
    •  A meeting with the ministry leader(s) will be arranged to review your application and ensure all necessary documentation has been submitted and references received.
  2. Begin a four weeks of probation service with the team.
  3. Once your probation is successfully completed, you will begin your rotation as a full team member on a scheduled rotation along with the other team members.


Disciplinary Procedure & FAQ’s are available at the end of the application form.

Please Fill in all sections of the form and submit it when complete. You will be contacted once your application has been considered.

Application Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Any ministry specific questions can be sent to the Ministry Leader on request.

When do I need to submit my application?

Applications can be submitted all through the year

What is the structure of the team? (Useful contacts)

Each Ministry is overseen by a Leader and an assistant Leader. For a full list of Ministry Leaders and how to contact them, please contact

Will I have to serve each Sunday?

Not all ministries serve on a Sunday morning, but if you are looking to join a Sunday morning ministry (e.g. Worship team, Welcome team, Praisers…) then you will be part of a rota system of service and may be on duty up to 3 times month. However, as a minister in the church you should have a heart dedicated to supporting unscheduled requests to serve which may arise during the year.

Personal Information:
Date of birth

If not, please fill in a copy of the Church Membership Form and submit it together with your application. Formal membership is a pre-requisite for anyone wishing to serve in ministry.
If your answer is “YES” please state when this was completed


I declare that the information provided in this application form is correct.

Disciplinary Procedure

Consistent and unexplained irregularities in attendance/ performance will result in team member being asked to step away from active ministry whilst possible issues are addressed. Further irregularities may result in the individual being asked to relinquish their position if unable to abide by the team expectations. Any other issues requiring intervention will be dealt with on an individual basis with every effort made to enable team member(s) to progress in character and spiritual maturity and also to resume ministry at the appropriate time.


Thank you, your form has been submitted.  Stay blessed.