Resources for your journey with God

Sermons, Articles and Courses

Below are links to various resources available for your spiritual growth. You can listen to the full sermon recordings, read articles and sign up to any of our training courses.

Growth Track

Here at New Life we are passionate about connecting people with God, helping them find their purpose and use their gifts and talents to make a difference.  Growth Track is a four-week course that will connect you to the vision of the church, help you discover your Divine design and use your gifts to make a difference. To find out more about growth track click the button below to watch the video and register. To join our Sunday Service live online or in person , check out our Sunday Service page.

Sermon Recordings

We have recorded sermons going back several years all uploaded on our Youtube channel. You will find sermons from Pastor Aaron Berko, Shadreck Chikomba, William White, Ronke Adeyanju, Jim Denison, David Rolands, Eddie Rolands and loads more.

Discipleship Course – Firm Foundations

The Firm Foundations discipleship programme is designed to take new as well as already practising Christians through a process of establishing and reinforcing a stable foundation of sound doctrine which is necessary for the development of their faith and spiritual maturity. Download our Equipping Guide.


We believe in the church being one body with many parts working together to accomplish a common good and so we organise events independently and with other local churches and ministries in helping to further the agenda of the Kingdom of God.

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